Avail Pharma

Global Consulting Services and Operational Support


About Avail Pharma

Avail Pharma has global reach and capabilities through business offices that are strategically located in Ireland (Dublin) and Germany (Munich) and through additional affiliated business activities in Japan, China and in the United States. 

The team of highly-qualified consultants includes competent professionals with proven analytical and problem-solving skills and consolidated knowledge in strategic pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields. Our specialists in drug development, regulatory affairs and international medical marketing have more than 10 years of industry experience in key decision-making roles. 

Core activities are supported on an as-needed basis by an international and multidisciplinary network of external experts and carefully selected professionals with complementary skills. This network comprises board-certified medical specialists and pharmaceutical physicians with expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas, experts in modeling and simulation, specialists in the utilization of pharmacogenomic data, experienced statisticians, former health authority officers, highly-skilled regulatory writers, medical writers and publication specialists with a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree in life sciences.




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