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Global Consulting Services and Operational Support



The identity of our clients must remain strictly confidential, but the following examples are representative of the wide range of services we have provided to diverse clients. 

Large pharmaceutical corporations

Critical analysis of clinical study protocols and study reports 

Problem solving in data analysis and interpretation 

Writing of regulatory documents 

Consulting for effective communication of brand attributes and benefits 

Publication of pivotal clinical trials, phase IV studies and position papers in peer-reviewed journals

Presentation of study results at major international congresses 

Competitor analyses

Small and medium-size biotech and pharmaceutical enterprises (China, Europe, Japan and USA)

Management of collaborations with academic research institutions

Problem solving in data analysis and interpretation

Consulting for optimal positioning of new therapeutic candidates

Publication of clinical trials in peer-reviewed journals

Analysis and publication of comparative-effectiveness studies

Presentation of study results at international congresses

Start-ups and small emerging biopharmaceutical companies (Europe, Israel and USA)

Evaluation of the commercial values of lead projects

Addressing the problems of new formulations of existing drugs

Scientific and medical advice in preclinical and early development

Consulting for the design of proof-of-concept studies

Identification of suitable biomarkers for assessing therapeutic responsiveness

Problem solving in the interpretation of study results

Strategic advice on regulatory issues

Identification of alternatives to proof-of-concept indications for therapeutic candidates under development

Creation of communication plans to attract the interest of investors and potential partners

Publication of preclinical and Phase I-IIa studies in peer-reviewed journals

Presentation of study results at international congresses

Public and private investors (Europe and USA)

Analysis of the risks and commercial potentials of new technologies, diagnostics or drug candidates

Evaluation of the exploitability at the clinical levels of projects in the research/discovery or preclinical stage





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