Avail Pharma

Global Consulting Services and Operational Support



Business Offices in Dublin (Ireland) and Munich (Germany)    

General inquiries

- Mrs. Mary Ann Dietzel: maryann-dietzel[at]avail-pharma[dot]com

Global R&D

- Dr. Gregory Klein: gregory-klein[at]avail-pharma[dot]com

Global Strategic Marketing

- Mr. Robert Barnes: robert-barnes[at]avail-pharma[dot]com

Business Development

- Mr. Martin Schwartz: martin-schwartz[at]avail-pharma[dot]com


Affiliated Offices

Newark, New Jersey, USA

- Mr. Sean Silverman: sean-silverman[at]avail-pharma[dot]com

Tokyo, Japan

- Mr. Mikio Noguchi: mikio-noguchi[at]avail-pharma[dot]com

Shanghai, China

- Mr. Xi Guo: xi-guo[at]avail-pharma[dot]com




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