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Avail Pharma has been the international section of AVAIL GmbH (Basel, Switzerland) and is currently an independent R&D consulting organization of the International network for the Advancement of Viable Applicable Innovations in Life sciences (InAVAIL). InAVAIL also comprises R&D-performing organizations and service providers working to common aims. This international network has been established by Dr. Sabrina Mattoli, the founder and former director of AVAIL GmbH, to accelerate the development of market-creating innovations by facilitating the sharing of innovative methodologies, data, infrastructures and resources within an international, multidisciplinary and intersectoral consortium.

Avail Pharma has 20 years of experience in the biomedical and biopharmaceutical sectors. We offer solutions to address major challenges in the development and commercialization of new therapeutic candidates, vaccines and diagnostics, and to attract the interest of funding organizations and licensing partners. Our highly experienced consultants have the proven ability to help optimize the commercial value of lead projects and to boost the translation of research breakthroughs into innovative and marketable applications for the benefit of patients.

The tailor-made services offered by Avail Pharma meet a variety of differents needs and resources, and can suit an ample range of product owners, from start-ups or small biotechnology companies to large pharmaceutical corporations. Public and private investors in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors can also profit from the extensive experience of our consultants in evaluating the scientific/technological quality and commercial  potential of new projects. 

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