Avail Pharma

Global Consulting Services and Operational Support



Our consulting and operational services cover all phases of the development program for a new therapeutic or diagnostic candidate and provide support to address lifecycle events and further development needs in the post-approval phase. 

Typical activities include:

Assessment of the risks and potentials of new technologies and drug candidates

Counseling on the selection of appropriate models for preclinical studies

Contribution to the design of convincing proof-of-concept studies

Advising on the use of appropriate biomarkers for testing therapeutic responsiveness 

Identification of new or alternate indications for products under development

Strategic consulting for optimal positioning of new diagnostics or therapeutic candidates

Assessment of the risks and potentials of product repositioning/repurposing

Scientific and medical advice in patient-centered outcome research

Medical and regulatory advice in comparative-effectiveness research

Problem solving in data analysis and interpretation

Consulting for effective communication of product attributes and benefits

Writing of key documents for fund raising, study publications, regulatory submissions or licensing purposes

To widen company access to innovative research and solve major problems with externalized research, our senior consultants with both academic and industry experience offer strategic advice and research management support for the development and implementation of more effective collaborations with academic research institutions through an adaptive and flexible approach.




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